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Stepper motor and it´s application

Stepper motors have been available for many years, but commercial exploration only began in the 1960´s when improved transistor fabrication techniques were made available hence capable of switching large DC currents in the motor winding. This feature of switched winding current gives the stepping motor its unique digital machine properties which is a considerable asset when interfaced to other digital system.

A stepper motor is inherently a discrete motor hence it is more compatible with modern digital control techniques. It is more easily adaptable for interfacing with other digital components. It is possible to archive accurate position and speed control with a stepper motor in an open loop system, thus avoiding ordinary instability problems. Other transducers such as tachometer, gear train and feedback transducers can be eliminated.

Stepper motor is used widely. Some of the applications of stepper motor are:

  • Dot Matrix printers
  • Disk Drives, Floppy Drive
  • CD-Drives
  • Robotics
  • Precise Industrial Controls
  • Low speed High Torque Applications

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