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Importance of Preventive Maintenance of a PC

Here are some reasons why preventive maintenance is important for PC:

  1. Preventive maintenance saves money: Avoiding problems with your PC will save you money in long run, compared with laying out cash for new components or repair jobs.
  2. Preventive maintenance saves time: It save you the much bigger hassles of dealing with system failure and data loss.
  3. Preventive maintenance helps safeguard your data: For most people, the data on the hard disk is more important than the hardware that houses it. Taking steps to protect this data therefore makes sense, and that is what preventive maintenance is all about.
  4. Preventive maintenance improves performance: Some parts of your system will actually degrade in performance over time, and preventive maintenance will help to improve the speed of your system in these respects.
  5. Preventive maintenance gives reliable operation and long life to PC and peripheral devices.
  6. Preventive maintenance can increase your systems resale value because it will look and run better.
  7. It will avoid remedial problems that occur in future.

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