The 8085 microprocessor was a beast when it was released. It was an 8 bit microprocessor which could access a total on 64Kb of memory, which was amazing in those days. But then just two years later this processor was replaced with a much faster and powerful processor, the 8086.

Here is the difference between both of them:

Intel 8085

    • 8-bit microprocessor.
    • 16-bit long address bus & access 64 KB memory.
    • It has not pipelining.
    • It has not segmented memory.
    • It has only 8 software interrupts.
    • It has integrated clock generator and bus controller.
    • It operates in single processor mode.


Intel 8086

    • 16-bit microprocessor.
    • 20-bit long address bus & access 1 MB memory.
    • It has pipelining.
    • It has segmented memory.
    • It has 256 software interrupts.
    • It need to interface clock generator and bus controller externally.
    • It operates in single & multi-processor modes.