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Advantages of Opticial Fiber

Some of the advantages of fiber optic communication over the conventional means of communication are as follows:

Small size and light weight: The size (diameter) of the optical fibers very small (it is comparable to the diameter of human hair). Therefore a large number of optical fibers can fit into a cable of small diameter.

Easy availability and low cost: The material used for the manufacturing of optical fibers is «silica glass». This material is easily available. So the optical fibers cost lower than the cables with metallic conductors.

No electrical or electromagnetic interference: Since the transmission takes place in the form of light rays the signal is not affected due to any electrical or electromagnetic interference.

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Large bandwidth: As the light rays have a very high frequency in the GHZ range, the bandwidth of the optical fiber is extremely large. This allows transmission of more number of channels. Therefore the information carrying capacity of an optical fiber is much higher than of a co-axial cable.

Other advantages: In addition to the advantages discussed earlier, the optical fiber communication has the following other advantages:

  • No cross-talk inside the optical fiber cable.
  • Signal can be sent up to 100 times faster.
  • Intermediate amplifier are not required as the transmission losses in the fiber are low.
  • Ground loops are absent.
  • Installation  is easy as the fiber optics is flexible.


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