Advantages of Client-server network

The advantages of client-server network are as follows:

Very secure: In client-server network´s security comes from several things.

  • Shared resources are located in a centralized area and they are administered centrally.
  • The servers are physically in secure location such as lockable separate server room.
  • The operating system runs on client-server are designed are designed to provide security to network.
  • Good administration also provide security to network.

Better performance: While dedicated server computers are more expensive than standard computer workstations, they also offer considerably better performance.

Centralized backup: Backing up company´s important data is much easier when it is located on a centralized server. Centralized backup also much faster.

Very reliable: In client server network centralized dedicated server provide more reliability. It has built-in redundancy.

Central file storage, which allows all users to work from the same of data and provides easy backup of critical data.

Reduces cost because of the ability of server to share available hardware and software.

It can have dedicated servers which increase the speed of sharing resources.

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