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Types of MAC Addresses

Two basic forms of MAC which are used in most of today´s LAN are:

  1. Token passing method used by the token ring and FDDI.
  2. CSMA/CD carrier sense multiple access with collision detection.
  1.  Token passing method:
      • In this method, a special frame called token is passed from one workstation to the other.
      • Only the system which possess this token is allowed to transmit its data on the network.
      • A workstation, after transmitting its data will release the token to the next workstation.
      • This method is used by the token ring and FDDI systems.

  2. CSMA/CD:
  • The long form of CSMA/CD is carrier sense multiple access with collision detection.
  • In this method when a workstation has to send some data, it listens to the network cable and if it is idle then sends the data.
  • On CSMA/CD network the workstation can transmit simultaneously which results in packet collision.
  • So this system has a collision detection mechanism. When a collision is detected, the corresponding data is retransmitted.

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