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Daisy chain interface

A Daisy chain is an interconnection of multiple devices which are connected in a particular sequence. It can be used to connect hard drives, CD-ROM, printers and even displays, on a single cable. It is also used in computer networking.

Examples of Daisy chain are:

Thunderbolt daisy chain

Daisy chain provides flexibility and scalability. The user can add as many devices as they want, within the limit of the technology used. Each of the examples mentioned above have a certain maximum of devices that the technology can handle. For example a total of 16 devices can be connected in a daisy chain manner in SCSI 2 and SCSI 3.

Although daisy chain is flexible and scalable, it is a little difficult to configure. Lets say that we want to daisy chain multiple HDD using SCSI. Each HDD in the chain should have the correct jumper settings, if not, non of the HDD in the chain will function.

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For example, the last device in a daisy chain in a SCSI interface requires a termination, and if the termination is not provided or not configured properly, none of these devices will function.

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