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What is Thunderbolt?

Thunderbolt is a bi-directional cable which has a transfer rate of up to 10 Gbps. It can be up to three meters long and can connect up to seven devices simultaneously, if daisy chained.


Intel engineers where able to extract 10 Gbps transfer rate out of a cooper cable. The original intention of Intel was to use optical fiber cabling, but it is very expensive and fragile as compared to copper cable, so they decided to use cooper cabling.

Intel claims that this cable can be used to connect two monitors at one time thanks to its exceptional transfer rate. This cable can provide 10 watts for the connected devices.

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Thunderbolt block diagram


According to the tests, this technology has the ability to transfer a total of 1 TB of data in less than five minutes and transferring a high definition video in less than 30 Seconds. This is ideal for Backups, restore or any data transfer operation, and thanks to it high data transfer rate, even gamers and video professionals can get use out of this technology.

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A Daisy chain is an interconnection of multiple devices which are connected in a particular sequence. It can be used to connect hard drives,...