A computer chipset is a chip which is built right into the motherboard. This chipset manages data flows between the microprocessor, memory and peripherals. Each microprocessor works with a specific chipset family.

[one_half]A chipset is as important as a microprocessor in a computer, it decides every factor in communication between various hardware. The link from the processor to the chipset is called as the QPI, the faster the DMI, the faster communication is established between the processor and the chipset.

Normally a heat sink is placed on top of the chipset, because it can get very hot.



Chipset North South

Normally chipset includes the following components:

  • Integrated graphics chip.
  • Sound components.
  • Network components.
  • Peripherals connection.

So basically, choosing a chipset is as important as choosing any other hardware for your computer, because the interation between these them is done by the chipset.

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