Dynamic source routing (DSR) is a routing protocol which is used in wireless networks. It dynamically chooses the optimum path to transfer the message/packet from the source to the destination. This means that the packet is transferred to the destination machine by choosing a path dynamically and not by relaying on a routing table.

[one_half]In order to accomplish this method, address of each device between the source and the destination must be accumulated and stored in the node processing the route discovery packets. This address is later used to route the packets to the destination machine.

The packet which is going to be transferred will contain address of all those devices which it will go trough, until it reaches to its last address, which is the destination machine.[/one_half][one_half_last]Dynamic source routing[/one_half_last]

DSR also performs the task of route maintenance, which basically ensures that the path chosen remains loop free as the condition changes.

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