Solid state drive RAID

Solid state drive RAID is a way of connecting multiple SSD together, which acts as a single SSD, for improving performance while accessing and storing data. The improvement in performance is archived by storing and accessing data on multiple SSDs simultaneously rather than a single SSD, which makes the read write operations significantly faster.

Although there are multiple drives connected to the system, the operating detects it as a single drive, but the operations are carried out over multiple drives simultaneously.

RAID provides various advantages, such as fault tolerance. This is archived by storing the repeated data, this way if the one of the drives fails, a mirrored copy of that data can be found on another drive, making your data secure.

The performance of the SSD RAID is highly depend on the system configuration, such as the hardware and software resources, microprocessor, RAID card and the system cache. A SSD RAID can perform 100 times better than a mechanical drive of 15.000 revolutions per minute. It also produces less heat, since it doesn’t have any moveable parts.

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