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Difference between Real mode and Protected mode

Processor modes controls how the processor sees and manipulates the system memory and the tasks that use it.

There are three different modes of operation:

  1. Real mode
  2. Protected mode
  3. Virtual real mode

The difference between real mode and protected mode are the following:

Real mode:

  • In this mode processor works as 8088 / 8086.
  • This mode has only 1 MB memory addressing capability.
  • This mode handles only one task at a time.
  • In this memory address translation is not required.
  • In this mode processor or computer directly communicate with ports and devices.
  • This mode is not supporting memory management.

Protected mode:

  • In this processor works in full capacity.
  • This mode has more than 1MB to few GB memory addressing capability.
  • This mode handles multiple task at time.
  • In this memory address translation is required.
  • In this processor communicates with ports and devices through OS.
  • This mode is supporting memory management.

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Processor mode also called as CPU modes or CPU privilege level. The processor modes are used by processor to create an operating environment for...