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Why network planning is required in a computer network?

Networking the computers and tracking the connections can become confusing and unmanageable, when we try to find which computer communicates with and shares resources with which other computer. In any human network we do not share all the information with all others. Instead we have a plan for information sharing. The information sharing must take place as per this plan only. Similarly we should have a plan for the computer networks as well. The plan should be ready even before connecting the first computer.

The network plan is therefore a plan which shows all the network components and the planned connections between them. Such plan can be used to manage various types of information. Our plan should show what types of information are stored where and who are allowed to use which type.

A network plan helps us in the following factors:

Network planning is essential in any computer network. It makes a network easier to understand, more secure and helps us save a lot of money.

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